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The Arc of the St. Johns is a wonderful place to work. I’ve worked here for nine years. What makes this job so wonderful is taking care of good folks with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Working here is not for everyone, but it IS a good job, at a great place, for very special people with big hearts, lots of patience, and a desire to give your life real meaning.

We have job openings right now…in residential – working in a group homes, in adult day training, van drivers, and more.

You can apply online for the right job for you at ARCSJ.ORG/JOBS.  Come join us, and work for the good people at The Arc of the St. Johns.”

ADT, Culinary Trainer


Project Search

Project Search is one of the most successful Supported Employment initiatives at The Arc of the St. Johns.  It is a collaborative joint-venture with The Renaissance Hotel, the St. Johns County School District and Vocational Rehabilitation.

Nick Roerig, Director of Employment for The Arc of the St. Johns and helps oversee Project Search said recently, “This pioneering program allows high school seniors with intellectual disabilities to elect to be a part of this vocational skills training program at the Renaissance Hotel, with the goal of gainful employment for them after graduation.”

The on-site program manager is Byron Pennington, a St. Johns County School District employee, a key collaborating agency.  Jake Thornton is a full-time Project Search on-site job coach, and employed by The Arc of the St. Johns.

The program is in its 5th year with 11 students enrolled, all ages 18 to 22, who elected to join this vocational training opportunity rather than a classroom.  As the maximum number of students is 12, the program will soon be seeking a second significant community partner.

Katie is all smiles at work in her uniform at The Renaissance Hotel. Katie’s Project Search Job Coach Jake is mighty proud.

Here’s a welcome note from Katie’s parents:

“Thank you very much for the fast response to our daughter’s dilemma. Project Search and The Arc have proven to be one of the most positive and motivating life experiences that Katie has had to date. She has learned many valuable life lessons through this endeavor and one of the most important lessons is that there are indeed people she can approach for help and guidance. It inspires confidence and a feeling of self-worth.”
Dennis Barry
Christine Gehring


October Anniversaries

MANNY CRUZ, Maintenance, 16 Years*  |  TY WHITLOW, Behavior, 13 Years*
Jennifer Tripi, ADT Culinary Teacher, 9 Years  |  Colleen West, TLC Aide, 3 Years
Antoine Williams, SJCC Aide, 3 Years  |  Tiowana Johnson, SJCC Aide, 3 Years
Gail Joassaint, ADT, 3 Years  |  Alfreda Alexander, The Class, 3 Years
Frank Schmidt, SJCC Teacher, 2 Years

*Earns Direct Support Professional Designation (DSP)

October Birthdays

10/2     Lori Bolt, Behavior Supervisor  |  10/6     Brenda Felder, SJCC Teacher
10/7     Jason Amato, In-Home Supports  |  10/10   Jonathan Roberts, ADT
10/12   Kenneth James, Shamrock  |  10/21   Pearl Stevens, Mgr, Williams-Young
10/21   Kaele Anglen, ADT Beaches  |  10/21   Christopher Salami, Mgr, Segovia
10/21   Rachelle Blais, PSR

September Around the Arc of the St. Johns

September Anniversaries

DAVID VINSON, Director Residential – 20 Years  |  ROBERT QUINTERO, JR., SL Coach – 12 Years
KWANZA GRANGER, Residential AC – 12 Years  |  PHILLIP GAWEN, Res. Admin. – 11 Years
DONNA BOUGADES, In-Home Support – 10 Years  |  Susan Moon, ADT Beaches – 9 Years
Karen Sullivan, SL/I.H.S – 8 Years  |  Vickie Hicks, Pacetti House – 5 Years
Don Clark, Maintenance – 5 Years  |  Michael Marigliano, Transportation – 4 Years
Donna Kellman Taylor, Gentian House – 4 Years  |  Keria Williams, ADT – 3 Years
Antoinette Williams, SJCC – 3 Years  |  Amanda Rudeen, SE Coach – 3 Years
Brooke Curtiss, PSR/BEH – 3 Years  |  Alexis Ramsey, PSR/BEH – 2 Years
Matthew Hartwell, SJCC – 2 Years

September Birthdays

9/4 – Doris Hochbrueckner, Res. Admin.  |  9/6 –  Joseph Pirone, Transportation
9/7 – Hassan Mansaray, SE Coach  |  9/7 – Aaron Whaley, In-Home Support
9/11 – Brith Kelly, Finance Department  |  9/13 – Lesedi Mokantsi, Williams-Young
9/15 – Mandy Krieg, Residential  |  9/16 – Joan Hawkins, Transportation
9/18 – Sun Book, ADT  |  9/18 – Susan Moon, ADT Beaches
9/18 – Gracie Tolbert, Colonial  |  9/20 – Quannesia Patterson, Church
9/20 – Rachael Rose, Williams-Young   |  9/20 – Kathleen Watkins, SJCC
9/22 – Randall Day, PSR  |  9/24 – Deborah Mock, ADT Director
9/24 – Brianne Richards, TLC Academy  |  9/24 – Darcel Roath, TLC
9/25 – Jake Thornton, SE Coach  |  9/28 – Desiree Scoville, PSR
9/29 – Susan Mele, PSR  |  9/29 – Regina Tomaszewski, Gentian

The Arc of the St Johns

The Arc of the St Johns