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  • Aaron Johnson, President
  • Mike Davis, Vice President
  • Grant Misterly, Treasurer
  • Andy Norman, Secretary
  • Kathy Jackson, Executive Director
  • Rob Matthews, Past President
  • Chuck Gillingham, Director
  • Brookes Burkhardt, Director
  • Ron Brown, Director
  • Ken Smith, Director
  • Ann-Marie Butler , Director
  • Sylvi Herrick, Director
  • Kathy P. Jackson, Executive Director

Our Vision — One day people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) will participate as full members of their communities, throughout their lives.

Our Mission — Provide the opportunity for hope, growth, and change to people with I/DD in our community.

Our Values — Everyone is a valued, contributing member of his or her community.
• The Arc fosters respect and protects the human rights of people with I/DD.
• Together, with a collective voice, we can accomplish more.

Our History — After World War II, groups of concerned parents of children with I/DD began to form grassroots groups. In 1950, The Arc was formed, we “emerged as a national organization [which] symbolized a change in parental status and self-image from that of marginality, concealment, and shame to that of empowerment and legitimacy.” (Roos)

For more than 60 years, The Arc has been creating opportunities for people with I/DD. The Arc continues to be a grassroots organization, with more than 730 chapters across the U.S. The Arc of the St. Johns chapter was founded in 1972 and is committed to working hard to promote and protect human rights and to help people with I/DD achieve full and satisfying lives in their own community. We currently operate 2 charter schools, multiple adult day programs, continuing adult education classes, residential programs and employment programs.


The Arc of the St Johns

The Arc of the St Johns