Safe Harbor


For People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.


  • A significant number of our group homes are located in evacuation zones
  • The existing safe-space for hurricane sheltering on the primary campus is barely adequate for 40 individuals
  • According to county emergency management staff, St. Johns County has a shortage of certified safe shelters
  • Individuals with IDD and other significant specials need are not particularly welcomed at most, or any, of the existing safe shelters due to special care and behavioral situations


  • The number of individuals in services at The Arc of the St. Johns has grown and could soon reach 300
    • – The Arc of the St. Johns is welcoming individuals leaving sub-standard facilities and facilities that are being closed
    • – The diagnoses of IDD are expanding with the growing population of adults entering the Autism spectrum
    • – Adult day training and education opportunities are requiring additional classroom space for adults on the Autism spectrum
    • – The current ADT facility (built in 1991) is measurably inadequate to provide quality education, training, care and support
      • – Individuals with IDD are outliving family-based caregivers
      • – Individuals currently in services are living longer
  • The Arc of the St. Johns has expanded its residential program to 13 group homes – three new homes in the last 12 months.
  • Another group of 20 men and women are provided coaching and care in supported living and in-home supports in smaller personal residences
  • More than 250 employees provide direct care and administrative support to the individuals in services at The Arc of the St. Johns
  • The Arc of the St. Johns operates training and education programs in six area locations, transporting individuals with a fleet of 46 vehicles from residences to classes, outside health and therapeutic services, shopping, personal care, community activities, and more.