Payment is due weekly and must be received prior to services rendered. Payment is due on a Friday for the following week’s care. If the payment becomes five days in arrears the chilld will not be allowed to attend until payment is made in full. Payments can be made online below:

No cash payments will be accepted.

RATES: $70/week or $15/day, except Wednesday which is $20/day
Late pick-up fee: $1/per minute applied after 6pm.

**** We will be updating our Cove prices for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year ****

Cove services are paid one month in advance beginning July 15th. School consists of 180 days. To make a convenient payment schedule we divide the full amount of those 180 days into 10 recommended payments (20 if bi-monthly payments).

We recommend payments be made on the 15th of each month if you are on monthly billing, and the 1st and 15th of each month if you are paying bi-monthly.

Please drop your payment with the front desk or give it directly to the Extended Day Coordinator. Please make checks or money orders payable to “KES”. Be sure to add your child’s name and your phone number in the memo area of the check. Your child will be withdrawn from the program after 2 weeks of non-payment.

All checks returned unpaid by your bank will be turned over to CheckRedi for collections. The amount of the returned check, plus any applicable fees, must be paid directly to CheckRedi. Two returned checks on any one account will result in mandatory cash or money order payments for all subsequent fees due.

Monthly Payment Schedule:

  • Payment 1: July 15th
  • Payment 2: August 15th
  • Payment 3: September 15th
  • Payment 4: October 15th
  • Payment 5: November 15th
  • Payment 6: December 15th
  • Payment 7: January 15th
  • Payment 8: February 15th
  • Payment 9: March 15th
  • Payment 10: April 15th

Bi-Monthly Payment Schedule:

  • Payment 1: July 15th
  • Payment 2: August 1st
  • Payment 3: August 15th
  • Payment 4: September 1st
  • Payment 5: September 15th
  • Payment 6: October 1st
  • Payment 7: October 15th
  • Payment 8: November 1st
  • Payment 9: November 15th
  • Payment 10: December 1st
  • Payment 11: December 15th
  • Payment 12: January 1st
  • Payment 13: January 15th
  • Payment 14: February 1st
  • Payment 15: February 15th
  • Payment 16: March 1st
  • Payment 17: March 15th
  • Payment 18: April 1st
  • Payment 19: April 15th
  • Payment 20: May 1st